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The revolutionary project developed by IML Solutions for LA FABRIL, recognized as Best IML container by the experts committee of the In-mold Decorating Association.

The IMDA Awards, conceded by the In-Mold Decorating Association of USA, are one of those appointments marked in red in the calendar of every company in the in-mold labeling or packaging business, as they celebrate the most innovative developments and give an idea of the trends that the markets will follow.

In 2021’s edition, the Girasol project, developed by IML Solutions for LA FABRIL, has won the award in the category “BEST IML PACKAGE SMALL CONTAINER”.

It’s a turnkey project that offered the brand owner the possibility to move from buying thermoformed containers decorated with a sleever to start producing his own thin wall containers through injection molding and IML decoration.

With the part design a new milestone was reached, as it was possible to eliminate the aluminum foil usually present in the butter and margarine containers. Through advanced engineering and functional tests, it was established that the aluminum was no longer required, with the subsequent savings in both processes and costs, as well as environmental benefits by producing a 100% recyclable monomaterial container.