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What will be the future of food packaging? There’s probably not a simple answer for that. But what we know for sure is that it will include many of the characteristics of this project showcased in K2022.

Yogurt tub 150 ml

19 – 26 October 2022

K fair | Messe Düsseldorf

SYSTEMS SHOWCASE: Hall 15, Booth D24
CORPORATE BOOTH: Hall 12, Booth E80

Technical data :

  • Cycle: 3.9 sec
  • Weight 5.4 gr
  • Wall thickness: 0.32 mm (without label)
  • Mold: 8 cavities


  • Part design, mold & robot: IML Solutions
  • Injection molding machine: Netstal
  • Material: SABIC
  • Label: MCC Verstraete
  • Material handling: Motan Colortronic
  • Masterbatch: Uniform Color
  • Hot-Runner: HRSFlow-Oerlikon

The part

An innovative design that meets the requirements of the clients:

  • Valve system that guarantees the integrity. Even with drastic changes in pressures.
  • 100% surface decoration. Without restrictions.
  • Improved stackability.

The machine

The all-electric clamping unit of the Netstal ELIOS 4500 reduces the dry cycle to 1.4 seconds, and the average power consumption by 7kW.

The mold

An 8 cavities mold that allows a challenging injection of just 0.32 mm thin wall. Optimized to reduce frictions and expand their lifespan.

The robot

High performance Side-entry Robot. With linear servo motor to achieve 5 microns accuracy. No vibrations. No friction.

Electric label magazine.

Minimum consumption of compressed air.

The material

Certified renewable material from SABIC based on Tall Oil, a 100% recyclable solution which is a sub-product of paper production and allows reducing the dependency on fossil based materials.

The label

NextCycle IML labels from MCC Verstraete are fully compatible with the PP recycling stream and allows the packaging to be mechanically recycled without the label impacting the PP

The hot-runner

HRS Flow-Oerlikon has developed the XP nozzle series that ensures a reliable process and an increased productivity at the lowest cost per unit.