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Turneky Project for the producction of a complete range of bins.

The client requires a lot of versatility to meet the market requirements and the possibility to work with big format metallic labels. 

Discover the proposed solution and the advantages of working with only one specialized supplier like IML Solutions.

ESTRA is a leader in the environmental category, everything related with waste sorting and handling.

In a demanding market full of alternatives the ability to stand out and offer products with a perfect fit in different atmospheres is something essential.

But, how can this versatility be combined with the productive efficiency? Which technology can satisfy both the needs of the Marketing & Operations departments?

To reach his objectives, ESTRA contacted IML Solutions. The project was on.

After defining the parts design, the required molds & robots for the IML system where manufactured, integration & optimization of the complete system was next.

But this time the project was a little bit more complex, as big format and metallic labels where involved.

Dealing with this labels requires a longer learning curve and specialized assessment. Quoting Juan Camilo Posada, COO: “Starting in IML with big formats and metallic labels is the opposite of what companies usually do”.   

“We where lucky to have IML Solutions as a partner“. 

Choosing the right partner was vital for the success of the project, specially considering that the IML technology was defined as one of the strategic pillars for the company growth. “We where looking not just for adapting the IML technology but for creating a relationship with an specialist that was our friend, partner and advisor.”

With the productive stage completed, it was time to analyze the market impact. Carolina Gómez Mejía, CMO, comments on the possibilities of IML:  “We now have a wider portfolio and adaptable to trends”. It’s exactly this flexibility and customization what the customer value the most:

“IML provides the ideal product for every space and every customer“. 

Productive efficiency and customization are two concepts that might look opposites. The in-mold labeling technology facilitates the combination of both and the transformation of your productive capabilities.

In IML Solutions you will find the right partner to develop your project.