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Turnkey project for the production of a pails family in 4 formats.

Due to the market characteristics, the functional requirements of the client are very particular. 

Discover the proposed solution and the advantages of working with only one specialized supplier like IML Solutions.

LA PAPELERA S.A. is one of the most recognized companies in Bolivia.

Willing to keep the position as market leaders through innovation and continuous improvement, they where looking for a supplier to develop an ambitious project: a 4 pails family meant to redefine the category standards.

Beyond the usual functional requirements of quality, appealing design and convenient price, the project needed a solution that also met the following requirements:

  • Inviolability, to guarantee that the product reaches the consumer without adulteration.
  • Easy to use. The mechanism of integrity must preserve the product without difficulting the open in excess.

Despite being used to work with top suppliers of industrial equipment for the diverse areas where the company operates, Oliver Von Bergen, General Manager, highlights the difficulty to find a supplier that really understood their needs and was able to provide a complete solution for this specific application:

“IML Solutions was the only company that offered exactly what we where looking for”. 

Once the requirements where defined, the Technical Office of IML Solutions started with the usual first steps for a turnkey project: 

  • Part design
  • Prototype molds
  • Robots and molds manufacturing
  • Integration with the IMM
  • Start-up

The optimized design of the pails and the tamper evident closure, allows the customers of LA PAPELERA offer an extra guarantee for the products that arrive to the final user.

This safety is combined with the versatility of the IML. An optimized and efficient production that multiplies the decoration possibilities, which helps building a brand image associated to quality.

In short: a project that once again shows the importance of having a technological partner like IML Solutions, with the experience and the resources to manage the whole project until offering a turnkey solution.

This, added to the capacity of adaptation to the different needs of the markets, has transformed into a new success for the customer.