Leaders in Industry 4.0 | “El Mundo” supplement

The supplement “Innovadores” of the Spanish journal “El Mundo” highlights IML Solutions a a leading company in the implementation of Industry 4.0 in Spain.

Although Industry 4.0 is yet in its early stages in most of the productive sectors, there are some pioneer companies that has been able to develop solutions that, in most cases, imply a complete paradigm change.iMould, the first intelligent mould is the perfect example. Showcased by IML Solutions during last K Show, it is a system that anticipates malfunctions through predictive maintenance.

The report emphasizes the works of IML Solutions on the sensorics field:

The bet of IML Solutions is the “predictive maintenance”. The company from Ibi is working in this field on their 2 divisions: robotics and mould manufacturing. On the moulds division the company wanted to shed new light on an industrial process “that remained the same for fifty years”, according to Eugenio Julià, Marketing Executive.

“We found a way to improve by applying intelligence to the process: with sensors on the injection mould and an automatic system. This provides real-time insights on the mould behavior” claims Julià. Valuable information for the customer that will “anticipate malfunctions”. “We know when a mould is about to break because there is an intelligent Big Data system running in the back. This is a groundbreaking move that is going to change the way we interact with machinery”.


Among the other companies mentioned you can find brands like Ford, Volkswagen or Alstom.

Industria 4.0 - IML Solutions