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The German city of Düsseldorf becomes, every 3 years, the world capital of plastic thanks to the K Trade Show. More than 3.300 exhibitors gathered at the Messe Düsseldorf venue to showcase their new products during K2016 and among them, once again, was IML Solutions.

During this edition, with a record number of attendants, IML Solutions consolidated as a referent for the In Mould Labeling industry with the launch of iMould, the first intelligent mould.

The Spanish company showcased 2 different systems. The first one with a 4L paint pail that used a Hybrid Robot for the label placement. This IML robot with a patented movement in 3 axes offers a versatility never seen before.

The second installation was producing a butter container with an stack mould that injected simultaneously lid and tub.

Besides the usual artificial vision quality control, both systems at K2016 enjoyed the advantages of running with an iMould. For the first time, the mould activity was monitored and processed through advanced intelligent systems that give the molders the piece of mind of the predictive maintenance that eliminates unexpected maintenance stops.