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IML Solutions


Pioneers developing
whole automated solutions within
the In-mould Labeling.



IML Solutions’ personalized systems have an important human component since we have an experienced team capable of recognizing each client’s needs and providing them with optimal solutions for both product development and implementation, and technical assistance.

Much of our success is due to our multidisciplinar and specialized technical department, permanently ready to provide with the best response in an agile and efficient way.

360º experts

in In mould labeling

The best specialists in injection, robotics & moulds to guarantee your success.



Through the use of our IML systems (robots and moulds), we lead the development of technological solutions that best fit plastic injectors within the In-Mould Label decoration field, with the purpose of reaching a final product that exceeds their expectations in regard to innovation and differentiated service, all of this based on team work, constant training, and high quality and reliability of our equipment, always keeping a deep commitment with the environment.


What do we want to achieve?

To be recognized by our clients and strategic partners as the most trustworthy option in services and full solutions, based in innovation, state-of-the-art technology, personalized service and high quality standards that exceed your expectations, in addition to the creativity that we pose when developing unique products with high added value standards.



• Make a difference with everything we do thanks to the passion we feel for a well done job, with discipline, speed and an execution without errors.
• Constantly improving towards excellence as a way of working.
• Permanently researching and innovating to achieve the growth we pursue.
• Flexibility to adapt ourselves to our customers.
• Excellence in quality as a main goal.
• Proffesionalism through a constant training of our staff.
• Service and attention throughout the whole sales and after-sales process.
• Loyalty and honesty that ensure the integrity of the company.
• Persistance and tenacity in all our attitudes.
• Support to the social environment in which we operate.

Worldwide company

We manufacture systems for clients in the 5 continents. We have our own offices in Europe, USA and LATAM.

Guarantee satisfaction

We develop totally custom-made solutions to guarantee the outcome meets your expectations.

IML experts

Our technicians are complete experts in IML: Injection Molding Machines (IMM), molds and robots.


If you prefer, we can take care of the whole process so that you don´t have to worry about anything.

Technical Assistance

Remote and in-situ assistance, according to your needs. In less than 48 hours we can solve technical issues in any country.

Industry 4.0

Our systems are ready to be interconnected. Enjoy the Industry 4.0 advantages.

Technical Department

We have a team of experts at your disposal, which will walk with you through the whole process.

Specialized training

We teach technical courses and training for your employees. Custom-made.

“Where there is a successful company, somewhere at sometime took a brave decision.”


    IML Solutions

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